Psalm 119:105 – Your Word is a Light

Your Word Is a Light - Psalm 119-105

This lighthouse photo Scripture art has been a popular image to illustrate Psalm 119:105. The photo depicts a calm blue ocean at twilight with a dock extending to a white lighthouse with its beacon shining brightly out to sea and reflecting in the calm water below. A cone of light from the lighthouse beacon illuminates the words of this beloved verse from Psalm 119, and the overall blue tones of the photo lends a tranquil feeling to the scene. Read more →

Romans 5:7–8 – God Loves You!

Romans 5:7–8 - God Loves You!

Today I'm launching a new series on Revel in the Rubble to showcase a collection of Bible verse scripture-art images my sister has been creating for the Bible verse of the day devotionals I have on Christianity. Let's kick it off with a verse and message that we can't be reminded of enough--God Loves You! Read more →

Follow the Path of Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams

In post #6 of My Journey into the Rubble series, I zoom out a bit to focus on the story from a more panoramic perspective. If you feel stuck and unable to move forward in God's plan for your life, my hope is to encourage you. As I share a snippet of my dreams, you may discover that God has been leading you all along through the path of your hidden dreams. Read more →

Addicted to Logos 5

Logos Bible Software

I've had a passion for exploring God's Word since attending Bible school nearly 30 years ago. But my passion turned into an addiction a few years back when I discovered Logos Bible Software. If you haven't experienced Logos, let me introduce you to the ultimate Bible study tool for busy Christians in ministry. I've written a detailed review of Logos 5, covering what's new in the latest update and what's revel-worthy in the freshly designed Gold package. Read more →

Election Day Blues

Election Day Blues

I woke up this morning, Election Day 2012, feeling "inspired" to write this poem. It's for every believer looking forward to our Lord's return. I hope it encourages you to keep looking up, because one day freedom will reign for us in heaven, our eternal home—the only true nation under God. Read more →