Unfading Glory Gallery

Unfading Glory: Strength and Joy

Through this 'Unfading Glory' image gallery, my husband and I set out to communicate just a taste of God's infinite beauty and endless glory with photos and verses from Scripture. In the process, this cover photo emerged as one of God's little surprises of joy. With his camera lens aimed at the sun, my husband did not expect to produce a pleasing photo. Later, we were both astonished to discover that he had captured this stunning rendering—a red-orange sunflower. Read more →

Some Reminders Never Get Old

My pastor admits to reciting this poem perhaps a little too often. You've probably heard it before, too. For reasons that will soon become obvious, this slight twist on the traditional rendition never fails to bring a round of hearty laughter in my church, as we all surrender to the truth it conveys. Read more →