Loving the Unlovable

My Cat Shadow

It doesn't take long in Christian ministry to learn that hurting people can oftentimes be difficult to love. And loving them as Christ loved requires a special kind of insight. My Domestic Shorthair cat Shadow, who normally behaves with queenly composure, has taught me a valuable lesson about how to love people when they are behaving in the most unlovable manner. Read more →

A Pit Bull’s Serenity Prayer

Sweet Pit Bull

I was once described by someone as "the sweetest pit bull she'd ever known." It was intended as a sincere compliment, but I haven't always appreciated this unique "quality." Today, I'm working on embracing some of the more disturbing aspects of my character because I've come to recognize that God wants to redeem these areas for his purposes. Reminiscing about my pit bull days also brought to mind this silly version of the serenity prayer I wrote. Read more →

Wilderness Wanderings

Wilderness Wanderings

Post #3 of My Journey into the Rubble series gives you a glimpse into my early days as a Christian when I stumbled to find a foothold of faith. I'll touch on some valuable lessons I learned in the wilderness and highlight the incredibly personal way God reached out to bring me back. I took this photo on a hiking trail in Juneau, Alaska. It illustrates this part of my journey nicely, but I was actually only about a mile from civilization. And that's truly about as deep into the wilderness as I'll dare to go. Read more →

All Creatures Gallery

All Creatures: Barred Owl

This is probably the last image gallery I'll post for awhile. It's time for me to get writing. Enough with the photography! But I couldn't resist sharing this collection of beautiful and strikingly unique creatures. Observing God's wonders in nature is far more entertaining than anything Hollywood or the Prime Time Networks can produce, don't you think? Read more →

In the Beginning

My First Holy Communion

This is post #2 of My Journey into the Rubble series. We'll travel back to the beginning when I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. Together, we'll also consider the Lord's peculiar ways of working through the events and people in our lives, and his amazing capacity to change us from the inside out. If you're like me, there's nothing better to renew your sense of purpose than remembering those first steps of faith. Read more →

My Meme

Christians in Ministry - What My Friends Think

I created this "Christians in Ministry" poster mainly to enjoy a few chuckles with you. In the process, I learned a new word—meme. If you've made one yourself or come across a funny one with a similar ministry theme, we'd love for you to share it with us! Read more →

My Journey into the Rubble

My Journey in the Rubble

[Post #1] You are invited to join me in this series of posts telling the story of my call into Christian ministry. I'll go all the way back to the beginning when I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ, and work my way forward in time from there. Meanwhile, you should also plan for a few detours along the way, as I'm certain to get sidetracked now and then. In this initial post, we'll also explore some of the odd ways God speaks to us. Read more →