Addicted to Logos 5

Logos Bible Software

I've had a passion for exploring God's Word since attending Bible school nearly 30 years ago. But my passion turned into an addiction a few years back when I discovered Logos Bible Software. If you haven't experienced Logos, let me introduce you to the ultimate Bible study tool for busy Christians in ministry. I've written a detailed review of Logos 5, covering what's new in the latest update and what's revel-worthy in the freshly designed Gold package. Read more →

Election Day Blues

Election Day Blues

I woke up this morning, Election Day 2012, feeling "inspired" to write this poem. It's for every believer looking forward to our Lord's return. I hope it encourages you to keep looking up, because one day freedom will reign for us in heaven, our eternal home—the only true nation under God. Read more →

Exercises in Stretching

Jamaican Children

In post #5 of My Journey into the Rubble series, God used my first short-term mission trip to Kingston, Jamaica to stretch me and prepare me for the road ahead. He also chose an unexpected singing gift to open up doors of ministry I never imagined I'd walk through. Maybe you'll relate to the comedy, as perhaps you've faced similar challenges. Most likely you've discovered, too, that serving the Lord is a process of constant stretching because God wants our confidence to be in him alone. Read more →

Things Aren’t Always as They Seem

Midnight Doorbell

When the doorbell rings at midnight, it's rarely good news. But remember, too, sometimes things aren't as they appear. This is a real-life, admittedly bizarre story that helped me see the truth in that statement. Once again, it involves a cat who helped teach me a vital spiritual lesson. Find out what really happened when my doorbell rang at midnight. Read more →

Exodus from Egypt

Big Hair Days

[Post #4] We return to My Journey into the Rubble series today, to find out how God used a physical trial to change my path from a career in hairstyling to full-time ministry. If you're confused about the title "Exodus from Egypt," I'm likening Egypt to a place of sin and rebellion against God. At that time in my life, it represented "my way" or "my path," rather than the one God had chosen. Read more →

Loving the Unlovable

My Cat Shadow

It doesn't take long in Christian ministry to learn that hurting people can oftentimes be difficult to love. And loving them as Christ loved requires a special kind of insight. My Domestic Shorthair cat Shadow, who normally behaves with queenly composure, has taught me a valuable lesson about how to love people when they are behaving in the most unlovable manner. Read more →