My Journey into the Rubble

Note: This is post #1 of My Journey into the Rubble series.

My Journey in the Rubble

Those who know me well understand the appropriateness of this illustration of my journey.

The instant the concept for this blog site was conceived in my mind, I had a clear and simple vision of what I felt the Lord wanted me to do—encourage Christian people who serve the Lord in ministry. Exactly how I would go about doing that, though, was still a bit fuzzy.

I wanted to build a fun and refreshing community. A place where believers could enjoy the journey together, forget some of the daily pressures, build up one another, and return to the simple joy of salvation in Jesus Christ.

Secrets of a Church Secretary

At first I was going to name the blog “Secrets of a Church Secretary.” It seemed like a catchy title and a good idea, until I thought about it more carefully. Besides conveying a somewhat depraved tone that perhaps would attract the wrong crowd, the title might have caused some men in ministry to feel unwelcome here. When Revel in the Rubble popped in my head, I knew it was the right name for this place. You can read more about that here.

So, I put my hand to the plow, learning how to build a blog site and setting the technical structure in place. Can I just say this? Ouch! I love a challenge, but the technological learning curve felt similar to starting a P-90-X workout. (Not that I would know anything about that!) Thankfully, my sister Sue, affectionately known as Geek in the Forest, was there to give technical assistance.

Needless to say, God had plenty of time to unfold his superior blueprint for building this place. In the past, he’s proven Proverbs 16 to be true, particularly verse 9: “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” (NLT)

Then, one morning while blow drying my hair, God’s road map (or at least the starting point) was revealed.

Now, let me sidestep for a minute to address your question regarding the blow dryer. Yes, God speaks to me when I blow dry my hair. Frequently, in fact. I suppose it could have something to do with the noise of the blow dryer drowning out all other sounds. My brain flips to auto pilot, and I’m seriously checked out from the distractions of life. It’s then that God’s calm, familiar voice resonates with clarity.

That day the Lord said, “Just tell your story. Write about your journey into the rubble of Christian ministry.”

And I replied, “Yes! Okay, Lord. Why didn’t I think of that?”

Hence, this post initiates a series detailing my journey into the rubble. I’ll go back to the beginning where it all started—in high school—when I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. So, stay tuned for “In the Beginning,” the next post in the series. Meanwhile, you should plan for a few detours and side tracks along the way, as I’m certain to stray off course now and then as other topics signal my attention.

Odd Inspiration

But, back to the blow dryer, if I may. In the Bible, God speaks to his servants in various ways. I liken my blow dryer revelations to the way God spoke to Elijah in 1 Kings 19. After a mighty windstorm, an earthquake, and then a fire, finally Elijah heard the Lord’s still small voice in a gentle whisper. To some, God spoke in dreams and visions, through flaming bushes, and zealous prophets, but most often and most effectively, God spoke (and continues to speak) through his living, active Word.

And one thing we’ve probably all learned by now—when God speaks, it’s a good idea to shut up and listen!

So, now that I’ve admitted my odd source of inspiration, may I ask how God speaks to you? When and where are you most in tune with his voice? Please comment below, particularly if you tend to hear the Lord in unique or unusual ways.


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