Disclosure Policy

Revel in the Rubble serves a two-fold mission. After a number of years in ministry, I encountered very few truly safe places for Christians serving full time to go for refreshing and rejuvenation. I wanted to establish a supportive community where members can relax, be real, and have some fun. That’s right, you won’t be asked to do anything here!

In 2005, the Lord opened the door for me to begin working as a freelance writer when I started hosting the Christianity site at About.com. Since then, the writing opportunities have broadened so that I no longer work on a daily basis with a ministry staff, and nearly my entire income is now derived through writing.

So, an additional purpose of Revel in the Rubble is to help pay my bills. Yep! I do hope to “support the ministry” (i.e. make money) through the resources I freely share with you.

Therefore, since God instructs us to submit to governing authorities (Romans 13:1), it’s my duty to disclose the following FTC Ruling for Bloggers issued in December 2009. Not only does this policy provide protection for me, it furthers my promise to be transparent and authentic with Revel in the Rubble readers.

In compliance with the FTC ruling and as a commitment to you, I affirm that the following statements are true and trustworthy:

  • Some of the links on this website are affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link and then purchase an item from the target site, I will receive a small commission. Even so, it is my practice to recommend and endorse only products and services that I would use personally. And I will only include affiliate links to sites that I deem appropriate, valuable to my readers, and relevant to the content on this site. At times these affiliate links may not be obviously identified.
  • I may use a third-party network to display contextual advertising alongside the articles on Revel in the Rubble. These ads are meant to be relevant to the content of the page on which they appear, and are chosen based on the topic of the page. I will make every effort to ensure the ads you see here are tasteful and relevant, but because this is an automated system, there may be times when mistakes slip through. If you come across an ad on this site that you feel is inappropriate or offensive, please let me know (with as much information as possible about the ad and the address [URL] of the page on which it appeared), and I will investigate and take appropriate action. You may submit information about an inappropriate ad here.
  • Occasionally, I may be asked to review a product or service that was provided to me free of charge. I will never guarantee a written review of any product. Unless I think it adds some value to you, or is important to mention, I will not publish a review. Furthermore, I will never promise a “favorable” review of a product, service, or business. I am committed to providing only fair and honest feedback.
  • When I offer my opinion about a product, service, or business, it will not be influenced by advertisers, sponsors, or gifts. My foremost responsibility is to provide trustworthy assessments to Revel in the Rubble readers.

I consider your participation in this community a privilege and an honor, and I will continually seek to nurture, support and uplift you. I’ll close with my sincere thanks! I’m so glad you wandered into the rubble. May you receive abundant encouragement and return to revel here often!

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