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While I much prefer that you get in touch through comments, you may send me a message by filling out the contact form below. Like most of us in Christian ministry, my life is full and my inbox is fuller. I will do my best to send the personal response you deserve, but at times I may be unable.

Please know that even if you don’t hear back from me, your expressions of support truly do make my day!

Rules of Engagement:

  • I promise not to ask you for money if you promise not to ask me.
  • Please, no throwing stones. I won’t respond to argumentative email. For the sake of unity as brothers and sisters in Christ, let’s allow love to cover our differences. Kumbaya.
  • I do not provide counseling services through email.

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  1. Diann says:

    To: Mary Fairchild,
    Wow, what amazing work you did!
    I was looking up the healing miracles, and got to #22 with reference to Matt. 5:21-28.

    Matt. 15:21-28 seemed to be a better fit.

    Thanks so much for all your listening (to Him), your hard work, and your loving heart to share!


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