Humor & Light

Are you a Christian worker looking for a safe place to kick back, be real, and laugh a little? My genuine hope is that through humor sprinkled with light and truth, we will receive encouragement and support—medicine for the soul—as we share in this journey called Christian ministry.

Things Aren’t Always as They Seem

Midnight Doorbell

When the doorbell rings at midnight, it's rarely good news. But remember, too, sometimes things aren't as they appear. This is a real-life, admittedly bizarre story that helped me see the truth in that statement. Once again, it involves a cat who helped teach me a vital spiritual lesson. Find out what really happened when my doorbell rang at midnight. Read more →

Loving the Unlovable

My Cat Shadow

It doesn't take long in Christian ministry to learn that hurting people can oftentimes be difficult to love. And loving them as Christ loved requires a special kind of insight. My Domestic Shorthair cat Shadow, who normally behaves with queenly composure, has taught me a valuable lesson about how to love people when they are behaving in the most unlovable manner. Read more →

A Pit Bull’s Serenity Prayer

Sweet Pit Bull

I was once described by someone as "the sweetest pit bull she'd ever known." It was intended as a sincere compliment, but I haven't always appreciated this unique "quality." Today, I'm working on embracing some of the more disturbing aspects of my character because I've come to recognize that God wants to redeem these areas for his purposes. Reminiscing about my pit bull days also brought to mind this silly version of the serenity prayer I wrote. Read more →

My Meme

Christians in Ministry - What My Friends Think

I created this "Christians in Ministry" poster mainly to enjoy a few chuckles with you. In the process, I learned a new word—meme. If you've made one yourself or come across a funny one with a similar ministry theme, we'd love for you to share it with us! Read more →

Some Reminders Never Get Old

My pastor admits to reciting this poem perhaps a little too often. You've probably heard it before, too. For reasons that will soon become obvious, this slight twist on the traditional rendition never fails to bring a round of hearty laughter in my church, as we all surrender to the truth it conveys. Read more →