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Loving the Unlovable

It doesn't take long in Christian ministry to learn that hurting people can oftentimes be difficult to love. And loving them as Christ loved requires a special kind of insight. My Domestic Shorthair cat Shadow, who normally behaves with queenly composure, has taught me a valuable lesson about how to love people when they are behaving in the most unlovable manner.


A Pit Bull's Serenity Prayer

I was once described by someone as "the sweetest pit bull she'd ever known." It was intended as a sincere compliment, but I haven't always appreciated this unique "quality." Today, I'm working on embracing some of the more disturbing aspects of my character because I've come to recognize that God wants to redeem these areas for his purposes. Reminiscing about my pit bull days also brought to mind this silly version of the serenity prayer I wrote.


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Mary Fairchild

Restore to me the joy of your salvation,
    and make me willing to obey you.

Psalm 51:12 (NLT)