Exercises in Stretching

Jamaican Children

In post #5 of My Journey into the Rubble series, God used my first short-term mission trip to Kingston, Jamaica to stretch me and prepare me for the road ahead. He also chose an unexpected singing gift to open up doors of ministry I never imagined I'd walk through. Maybe you'll relate to the comedy, as perhaps you've faced similar challenges. Most likely you've discovered, too, that serving the Lord is a process of constant stretching because God wants our confidence to be in him alone. Read more →

Things Aren’t Always as They Seem

Midnight Doorbell

When the doorbell rings at midnight, it's rarely good news. But remember, too, sometimes things aren't as they appear. This is a real-life, admittedly bizarre story that helped me see the truth in that statement. Once again, it involves a cat who helped teach me a vital spiritual lesson. Find out what really happened when my doorbell rang at midnight. Read more →

Exodus from Egypt

Big Hair Days

[Post #4] We return to My Journey into the Rubble series today, to find out how God used a physical trial to change my path from a career in hairstyling to full-time ministry. If you're confused about the title "Exodus from Egypt," I'm likening Egypt to a place of sin and rebellion against God. At that time in my life, it represented "my way" or "my path," rather than the one God had chosen. Read more →